Winter Riparian Planting 2023

Winter Riparian Planting 2023

Our in-house regeneration specialist Liv Sullivan has been working her way up the stream with another 7000+ native seedlings, planting riparian style along the edge of the riverbanks.

Riparian planting helps to create solid root structures along the bank to help manage soil erosion, help soak up any farm runoff, and over time, encourage a healthy diversity of bird life - whilst boosting the health of water organisms in the stream.

The trees/seedlings are planted in the soil, and then surrounded at the base with an NZ-made 600mm x 1000gram woollen weed mat, and then protected with a biodegradable cardboard shield, until the seedling gets large and strong enough to be able to stand freely on its own.

It's important to have a strong fencing plan to stop cattle, and local deer from breaking in and having a good kai - showcasing here some of the KMs of fencing & bridge installed by Dan at Ground Up Fencing.

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