Our Community

Cultivating an eco-cultural landscape with a wide range of projects, people, and skills keeps our approach diverse, and our feet grounded in the soil. Here's our community of people who are contributing to our mission.

  • Jules Matthews

  • Chris Upton

  • Sergio Agenjo

  • Olivia Sullivan

  • Murray Pilcher

  • Raelene Millar

  • Graedon Parker

  • Linda Imlach

  • Billy Lewis

  • Brooke Millar

  • Tyler Langerveld

  • Amy Webber

  • Jan Hania

  • Cam Dixon

  • Rebecca McDowell

Mangaroa Farms was established through a gift from the Monahan family in 2018.

  • Matthew Monahan

  • Brian Monahan

  • Catlin Powers

  • Neci Monahan