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Mangaroa Farms

Osso Bucco

Osso Bucco

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New Season Winter 2023 Beef, pasture-raised in the happy and fertile conditions of Mangaroa Farms.

"Osso Bucco" means "bone with a hole" referencing the marrow in the middle of the hole providing the rich flavour to this traditional Italian dish.  The cut of meat is from a beef shank which is a cross-cut of meat that comes from the lower leg or shin of the cow. 

Both foreshank and hind shank can be cut and sold as Osso Bucco. The hind shank has more fat than the foreshank, making it taste better. 

This hard working muscle starts tough, but becomes deliciously tender when cooked low and slow.

Check out recipes here for inspiration

Supplied Frozen

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Fridays 8am - 11am @ Packhouse
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108 Whitemans Valley Road, Upper Hutt.

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Resilience & Regeneration

Our veges are grown locally on our farm with no harmful sprays/chemicals inside our greenhouse, or outside in one of our classic 25m long garden beds. Happy herds of sheep, cows, and chickens are grazed in the pastures nearby, working as part of a regenerative system that nourishes the underground soil microbes, and giving back to Papatūānuku.