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Leeks are considered an Allium, and while they do look like a green onion, unlike their fellow allium members such as onions, shallots, garlic, etc. they don’t form underground bulbs. Flavour-wise leeks do impart a mellow, sweet onion-flavour but add a creamier texture to dishes; making leeks a very versatile vegetable that can be used in many recipes, including stir-fries, quiches, soups, pies and tarts.  

Because leeks are grown deep in the earth and have tightly packed layers, simply slice the leeks and soak them in a bowl of water to remove any surface soil or grit. Drain and then mop with a paper towel or tea towel.  

Good source of Vitamin A and folate, and a source of dietary fibre, thiamin, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C.

Midnight Wednesdays for same week pickup.

Thursdays 4 - 5:30pm
Fridays 8:30am - 12pm.
Saturday 9am - 10am

108 Whitemans Valley Road, Upper Hutt.

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Resilience & Regeneration

Our veges are grown locally on our farm with no harmful sprays/chemicals inside our greenhouse, or outside in one of our classic 25m long garden beds. Happy herds of sheep, cows, and chickens are grazed in the pastures nearby, working as part of a regenerative system that nourishes the underground soil microbes, and giving back to Papatūānuku.