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Cabbage (green)

Cabbage (green)

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Mangaroa’s finest spray-free cabbages.

Cabbage has been grown around the world for thousands of years, in fact cabbage is one of the oldest vegetables known!  In Roman and Celtic times cabbage was prized for its medicinal and nutritional properties and widely used in broths to treat ailments such as headaches, gout and stomach related issues. These days, cabbage is appreciated in its raw form - used as the main ingredient in coleslaw, or in fermented foods such as saurkrauts or kimchi.   Cabbage, is a good source of Vitamin C and K, especially in raw form, with red cabbage having a much higher level of nutrients. Cabbage is also rich in fibre and water which helps aid digestion.  

Cabbage can vary in colour from green to red and purple, and the leaves can be smooth or crinkled. The two most commonly available are green and red coloured.  Green cabbages generally have a mustardy flavour but become sweeter and milder when cooked.  Red cabbage has a mildly bitter and peppery flavour and is slightly more nutrient dense because of its red/purple colour.  

To keep cabbages fresh, especially if they are half cabbages, refrigerate and store in a paper bag and use within two weeks.  And keep in mind, cabbage are ethylene sensitive which means they can’t be near fruit and some vegetables that produce ethylene such as apples, bananas, avocados, tomatoes etc.

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Resilience & Regeneration

Our veges are grown locally on our farm with no harmful sprays/chemicals inside our greenhouse, or outside in one of our classic 25m long garden beds. Happy herds of sheep, cows, and chickens are grazed in the pastures nearby, working as part of a regenerative system that nourishes the underground soil microbes, and giving back to Papatūānuku.