Verdi Soil Testing

Verdi Soil Testing

The Verdi team just wrapped up baseline soil testing at Mangaroa Farms, diving deep into soil health and carbon levels.

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Over two days, they extracted numerous one-metre deep soil cores, alongside crucial observational data, leaving Mangaroa with just under 100kgs of soil for analysis.

The Verdi Baseline Test is all about setting the stage for sustainable growth. They are establishing a benchmark to monitor soil health and carbon levels accurately 📈

With precise measurements, they’re able to provide us with valuable insights for effective “regenerative” farm management.

Why does it matter?

Because understanding soil carbon and nutrient levels is crucial for fostering a healthy, sustainable environment.

The Verdi team plans to return in year 3, ensuring we can continue to make significant strides in reducing our carbon footprint and actively capturing carbon.
By year 5, they’ll measure the outcomes, transforming carbon gains into verified credentials.

Farmers and growers aren’t the villains; they’re the heroes in the environmental story. Every day, we need them - 3x a day. They hold the key to reducing emissions for the entire supply chain.

By channelling resources toward sequestration, especially into soils, collectively farmers can work towards crafting the greatest societal benefit, and making a lasting impact for future generations.

Thanks to Sam & the Verdi team for the awesome mahi and analysis 🌱🙏🏽

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