The Mangaroa Farms Honesty Fridge

The Mangaroa Farms Honesty Fridge

The honesty fridge at 108 Whitemans Valley Road has been holding it down over the hot January period - with a great selection of local produce grown on the farm, including cucumber, zucchini, basil, lettuce, coriander, microgreens, mesclun mix, carrots, and the finest Mangaroa pasture raised eggs.

Come through anytime and pay with cash or bank transfer on the spot.

Like the sign says - our honesty box system relies on our community being honest  so please help us out to keep things fair.

This is a temporary measure whilst the new Farm Shop / Kete Kai nears completion in March 2023 (see image in background). Wishing you all a wonderful break and thanks so much for all of your support this year.

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