Our Wash & Pack Station Designed by Jodi Roebuck

Our Wash & Pack Station Designed by Jodi Roebuck

We’re beyond stoked to be utilising our new wash & pack station + tool shed - designed with the help of Jodi of ROEBUCK FARM

Complete with a walk in chiller, fold away benches, outdoor washing stations and modular shelving units which have been built for maximum flow and efficiency, applying systems and processes tried and tested by Jodi for the last decade +.

Still a work in progress, these little tweaks and smart designs help reduce the steps between growing/harvesting/selling - making the operation run smoothly, lean and efficient, creating more time for us to enjoy ourselves and do other things on the farm.

Our lead farmer “Grow lord” Sam Gibbins trained with Jodi in Taranaki on an internship, and now applies all of that knowledge here in Mangaroa.

You can book Jodi for consultation on your farm, or attend one of this market gardening workshops - check out ROEBUCK FARM for more details.

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