Celebrating Core Team Members Moving On

Celebrating Core Team Members Moving On

Celebrating some of our core team members Sam Gibbins and Jacqui Bray as they move on from Mangaroa Farms, and on to greener pastures in the north.

Sam "Grow-Lord" Gibbins has been an essential figure in our market garden, working closely with Jules, Dan and Casey to lay the foundations for our Redpath Ideal Greenhouses, and then later the Wash & pack shed (with help from his mentor Jodi Roebuck of ROEBUCK FARM). Along with the market garden team, Sam has led the charge on the weekly vege bag operation, and setting up many of the systems we currently use today. With his help we have set up the magic and the beauty of the market garden, and we are beyond grateful to have had him on board in the valley for nearly 2 years.

Jacqui and her 2x dogs Grace & Ted have been staunch members of our farm team, holding it down through the sometimes challenging conditions of the Hutt Valley; Jacqui has spent multiple seasons with us managing livestock, training young cattle farmers, mending & installing kilometres of fencing, and cultivating multiple hives of bees. Thanks to Jacqui, our team safely completed the Vertical Horizonz New Zealand Chainsaw course, and the deer population in the native planted areas have been controlled by the hunting she organised each week. We are grateful to have her massive input on the farm over the last 2.5 years - evident in the quality of the soil, and strength of our fences.

Both of these humans leaving the farm, leave some big boots to fill. Here's to celebrating them on the next chapter of their journeys.

We are currently looking for a new Market Garden Operations manager. Read more about the role and apply at the link: https://mangaroa.org/pages/careers
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