Celebrating Murray, Our Predator-Free Champion

Celebrating Murray, Our Predator-Free Champion

This week 14 - 20 August is Conservation week in Aotearoa, which means a time to celebrate and get involved in efforts to protect our native taonga (treasured) bird, tree & flora species. 🌳🌿🐦

We’re celebrating Murray, our Groundskeeper & head of predator control at Mangaroa Farms, snagging a record number of Stoats, possums, rats & magpies this season in our efforts for native forest & bird conservation. 🪤

As of June 2023, with our 45 bait stations across the farm area, Murray had trapped 52 rats, 27 possums, 23 stoats, and 62 magpies in the past 12 months, and with dedicated trappers in our local area, these numbers have continued to grow.

Although it can seem gruesome and unfair, predator control is a key part of forest conservation, as these once human-introduced animals pose a huge threat to our native species. Stoats, weasels and rats feast on native bird eggs, and unchecked numbers of possums, pigs, goats & deer can destroy entire native forests over time.

We are lucky to have Murray, who is a keen hunter and forest protector - who amoung other locals, regularly hunts for wild deer & pigs in the area to help keep numbers down. He is also not afraid to get stuck in and remove pest plants & weeds in their early stages of growth, especially wilding pines which have been popping up especially in areas that have been cleared in the last few years.

We’ve got a big job ahead of us, and we’re grateful to have passionate people like Murray contributing to the collective vision of lush native forests and a thriving native bird population for future generations to enjoy 💚

Learn more about how you can get involved in your local trapping efforts at:

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